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New Paper: dense stands and thinning

Our paper on dense stands and thinning has been accepted and is available on early view online: Jones C.S., Duncan D.H., Rumpff L., Thomas F.M., Morris W.K. and Vesk P.A. (2015) Empirically validating a dense woody regrowth ‘problem’ and thinning … Continue reading

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The effect of dense stands on understorey vegetation

My previous post on dense stands briefly described what they are, why they occur, and their effects on tree growth and understorey vegetation. Much of my research on dense stands has been focused on the response of understorey vegetation to … Continue reading

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Dense woody vegetation: thickets

As a side project to my PhD research, I have spent some considerable time over the last two and half years researching dense woody vegetation, or ‘thickets’. There has been recent interest in this area due to their increased occurrence … Continue reading

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