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Blackberries (Rubus spp.) weed or native?

Blackberries are delicious…but they are also one of Australia’s worst environmental woody weeds. Blackberries were introduced in the 1840s in New South Wales, and the plants quickly spread throughout the Country via birds and other animals. In the 185os, von Mueller deliberately spread blackberry seeds into the … Continue reading

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Orchid hunting

Until recently I have never done any work with orchids, so they have been a bit of a mystery to me. I didn’t know where they were, what they looked like, when they flowered, or what their general biology was. … Continue reading

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New Paper: dense stands and thinning

Our paper on dense stands and thinning has been accepted and is available on early view online: Jones C.S., Duncan D.H., Rumpff L., Thomas F.M., Morris W.K. and Vesk P.A. (2015) Empirically validating a dense woody regrowth ‘problem’ and thinning … Continue reading

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Botanical illustration

Being the son of a talented watercolour artist (go Mum!), I have always been interested in art – both looking at it and making it. Over the years I have found that my favourite medium is graphite pencil, and my … Continue reading

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Wyperfeld National Park: woody regeneration

Part of my new research position at the University of Melbourne allows me to be involved in the field work of my colleagues. This is excellent as it enables me to get involved in other projects, gain new skills, learn new species, … Continue reading

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Eucalyptus melliodora (Yellow Box)

This post was inspired by the Twitter sensation #FavEuc by the team at QAECO. The request to vote for your favourite eucalypt (see my previous post on different eucalypt genera) got me thinking, there are so many and they are … Continue reading

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The effect of dense stands on understorey vegetation

My previous post on dense stands briefly described what they are, why they occur, and their effects on tree growth and understorey vegetation. Much of my research on dense stands has been focused on the response of understorey vegetation to … Continue reading

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