Botanical illustration

Being the son of a talented watercolour artist (go Mum!), I have always been interested in art – both looking at it and making it. Over the years I have found that my favourite medium is graphite pencil, and my favourite subjects are hands and plants. Last summer I attended a botanical illustration course with the Friends of Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was grateful for the spark to renew my interest in doing some more of my own work.

Banana - watercolour by Jennifer Jones

Banana – watercolour by Jennifer Jones (aka Mum)

Above all, my favourite part of doing drawing is seeing the image gradually come together from such simple lines to something with real life. Below are some examples of some things I have been playing with recently. I am currently in the process of doing some larger and more challenging pieces now which is exciting. If only I had more time! My Mum is holding an exhibition of her work at the SoART gallery in Narooma in October this year, I will be hopefully putting a couple of drawings in there in case anyone is in the area.



Grevillea ant

Ant on Grevillea flower

Pine cone

Pine cone

Snow Gum fruits

Snow Gum fruits

There are many local flora and fauna artists/illustrators producing amazing things – here is a brief list of some (please tell me if you are also one, or know of more):

Helen Burrows

Mali Moir

Milly Formby

David Mackay

Kate Cranney (one of QAECOs own!)

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5 Responses to Botanical illustration

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  2. Jane Catford says:

    Fabulous, Chris! I vote for adding ants to your list of favourite things to draw. That one’s a beauty!

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